Here’s a tutorial on how to setup TOR browsing in Windows 2k, since the standard Tor Browser Bundle doesn’t work on any windows older than XP.

First off, you need to download the Expert Bundle, and run the downloaded .exe file…no worries, just follow the installer steps, click Next a few times… When the installer asks for it, check the run on startup. And at the end of the install check Run Tor.

Next up install Firefox 12.0. FF 12 is the last version of Firefox to support w2k. You can download it from our server or from this mirror. When finished downloading, start the installer!

When the installer is finished, run FireFox.

Go to Tools –> Options

In the window that pops up, hit the Advanced button in the white ribbon followed by selecting the network tab

Click on the top-most Settings button, and a new popup will pop up

Select Manual Proxy Configuration.

Fill in behind SOCKS Host, in the port field enter 9050.

Close all the windows by clicking OK

In the location bar type “about:config”, without the quotes ofc

scroll down untill you find “network.proxy.socks_remote_dns”, set the value to “TRUE” by double clicking it.


Done! You should now have a working TOR browser on Windows 2000